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Interactive wall projection ball throwing games system

3D interactive wall projection smash ball games


Interactive Wall Game combines the interactive technology with project-imaging. Once the kids hit in the game elements in the scene by hand or with sea balls, a variety of fantastic effects will appear, at same time they will get scores as reward.

It is also support double play mechanism, accurate induction without interference, Very easy or installation without wiring via remote control.

Product features:                                                 

Functional inventory and peer comparison

Game categoryGame category advantage
3D VS Human interactive game with 5 effects3D interactive smash zombie, 3D Christmas, 3D interactive balloon, 3D interactive groundhog, 3D flying saucer 
3D Cooperation Games with 5 effects3D Fishing Joy, 3D koalas(which game include five koala scenes)
Crazy hit series with 10 effectsWild pandas, Crazy rooster, crazy gifts, crazy eliminate pop, crazy gift, crazy little zombie, crazy little sheep, crazy seafloor, crazy weasel, crazy cut fruit
2D planet routines smash with 11 effects11 effects with smash the planet  Multi-people cut fruit
Little game package70 regular metope 2D  interactive games

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